HID ACUITY Linen Management Software

ACUITY Connect leverages the power of cloud computing, pervasive mobile devices and RFID stations to allow users to gain a rapid and simple overview of their linen stock levels, providing insight on which and how many items are where — all in real time.

ACUITY is a complete IoT, RFID-based platform enabling real-time inventory availability and visibility over all textile assets, from linen manufacturers to laundry groups — and their customers in the hospitality and healthcare industries.

ACUITY is an innovative and proven technology platform combining RFID tags, equipment, cloud software suites and services. It allows organizations to efficiently identify, track and manage linens, increase financial gains through reduced operational costs, optimize stock movements and purchases, and improve customer satisfaction.

Linen data is collected, stored, analyzed and acted upon in real-time through the RFID-enabled equipment. ACUITY transforms the RFID data into rich, interactive dashboards and reports, providing a comprehensive overview of linen stocks by article reference or individual items, zones in your facility and customer sites. The system allows you to significantly improve linen life-cycle management, optimize washing schedules, anticipate deliveries, identify lost or misplaced items and manage cage assets as well.

ACUITY Connect
ACUITY Connect combines high performing fixed & handheld UHF stations with a cloud reporting platform that allows linen managers to rapidly gain a real-time overview of their stocks to:

  • Better control linen going in and out their facility
  • Improve the management of their daily/monthly requirements
  • Optimize labor costs


ACUITY Connect applications are user-friendly and enable fast and efficient inventory counts at strategic stages:

Linen Coming in
From the Laundry

Linen Dispatch to
Various Sites

Stock Taking
in Linen Rooms

Soiled Linen

Real-Time Reporting for Linen Managers

As a linen manager, you have access to real-time online reports and interactive dashboards, delivering critical information on linen flows, clean versus soiled linen usage, dormant stocks and linen losses.

ACUITY Connect interface on desktop monitor
ACUITY Connect interface on desktop monitor
ACUITY Connect interface on desktop monitor
Building Blocks

Solution Components

ACUITY, our advanced and proven technology platform, combines powerful software suites, RFID tags, hardware and services, and adapts to our customers’ evolving requirements in terms of linen stock volumes and multiple site deployments.

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HID’s ACUITY linen management platform enables real-time inventory availability and visibility over textile assets, from linen manufacturers to industrial laundry groups and their customers in the hospitality and healthcare industries. Explore solutions to help meet the needs of your most complex inventory challenges.

Industrial Laundry
With a clear vision over your customer linen stocks, you can focus on reducing your total cost of operation and make better business decisions.

Our linen inventory management solution, backed by the expertise, experience and innovation we are known for, provides a real-time sight line into your linen availability.

Secure and ease your linen management services so you can better focus on patient care — especially in this era of an ever-more demanding clientele.

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