WorkforceID™ Digital Credential Manager

Flexible Streamlined Credential Management

Enterprise IT security environments are often complex hybrid systems. WorkforceID Digital Credential Manager streamlines this complexity by enabling organizations to centrally manage the entire lifecycle of authentication devices and credentials, allowing them to:

  • Implement a Zero Trust model to better protect corporate networks, data and applications with a scalable Identity-as-a-Service (IDaaS) solution
  • Balance security and convenience by choosing between a wide range of authenticators with support for various logical (PKI, FIDO, OATH) and physical access technologies (Seos®, iCLASS®, MIFARE, Prox™ and more), and form factors, such as HID Crescendo® smart cards and security keys
  • Begin issuing and managing credentials in just a few hours
  • Deploy high assurance, secure public key-based, two-factor authentication (2FA) to easily provide government level security for any type of organization
  • Choose between a publicly trusted or private dedicated certificate authority (CA) embedded in the service


Deploys Quickly
Start issuing credentials
in a few hours

Lowers Cost
Reduce capital expenditure
cost with a flexible
subscription license

Works With Existing Systems
Integrates with user identity
sources, such as Azure Active
Directory or Active Directory
Federation Services (ADFS)

Bundles Certificate Authority
Includes a choice of publicly
trusted or private dedicated CA
for ease of deployment

Enhances Security
Free your organization from
passwords and the associated
management challenges

Flexible Authenticator Choices
Choose from a range of highly
secure smart cards and
security keys to meet your needs

Supports FIDO2 PIN Management
Simplify enterprise deployment of FIDO2 and WebAuthn with HID Crescendo authenticators

Supports One-Time
Passwords (OTPs)

Integrate with WorkforceID Authentication to leverage OTP with Crescendo security keys

One Single Credential That Supports Multiple Applications

WorkforceID Digital Credential Manager supports more use cases than any other solution in the identity and access management market by utilizing a converged badge that can securely access the organization’s facilities and IT systems.

SecureSecure access to cloud applicationsSecure access to IT applications, networks andsystemsDigitally sign documentsto prevent tampering and verify their provenanceDeploy, use and manageProtect communication and dataComply with mandates and regulationsSecure access to your workplaceAuthenticate at the printerto keep sensitive documents secureyour devices with acloud ecosystemwith public key certificates by digitally signing and encryptingemails, and encrypting data atrestto protect access to data and applicationswith a converged corporate badge that can also be used forcloud and IT accesslike Office 365, G Suite, Dropbox, etc.Windows Logon

Certificate Authority Options

HID Authenticators are PIV (FIPS 201) compliant and provide automatic support in Windows, Mac and other platforms. A WorkforceID Digital Credential Manager subscription includes the ability to deploy ActivID ActivClient on workstations for enhanced capabilities.

Publicly Trusted Certificate Authority

Every authenticator is issued with IdenTrust® TrustID digital certificates for authentication, digital signature and encryption – these certificates are automatically trusted by your employees and partners

Private Dedicated Certificate Authority

Every authenticator is issued with a digital certificate for authentication – these certificates are trusted only by your organization

Easily Manage HID Crescendo Smart Cards and Security Keys

WorkforceID Digital Credential Manager supports a wide range of authenticators and form factors. Deploy and manage a converged badge protecting access to buildings and IT systems with the Crescendo C2300 smart card or manage Crescendo USB security keys.

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WorkforceID digital credential manager dashboard

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Priced Right

Our goal is to offer digital credential management that’s easy to use and meets your budget. WorkforceID Digital Credential Manager offers two subscription plans based on the type of Certificate Authority (CA) that an organization chooses to deploy.

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Quick and Easy Deployment

Start issuing and managing credentials in just a few hours with a cloud-based solution that boosts security, performance and availability on a global scale.