HID SAFE™ Analytics

HID SAFE Analytics solutions use machine learning to continuously detect security threats and respond automatically with specific risk-mitigating actions.

SAFE Analytics

Stay Ahead of Safety Risks

As globalization progresses, organizations face an increase in physical security threats. The inability to identify and measure these threats results in inefficient spending, time wasted on false alarms, and the detection of crimes after they are committed rather than preventing crimes before they occur. Additionally, the need to understand workplace occupancy and usage patterns is increasingly important for real estate investment ROI and for maintaining social distancing.

Your organization can be aware of potential risks in advance. Applying HID SAFE Risk Analytics Rules automatically takes preventive actions on a threat — potentially preventing a catastrophe. HID SAFE Risk Analytics also allows you to:

  • Harness the power of machine learning to proactively identify safety risks and automate preventative actions
  • Maintain social distancing requirements and create contact tracing reports and attendance audits through real-time monitoring and alerts of on-site occupancy thresholds
  • Analyze behavior across your global infrastructure, regardless of the number of systems involved
  • Use near real-time metrics to understand with complete confidence where real estate investments need to be made to support the business
How it Works

Continuous, Automated Security Monitoring

HID SAFE Analytics uses machine learning to automate specific risk-mitigating actions. Here's how:

CollectPreparePhysicalAccess LogsCredentialMgmt LogsConvergedDataCleanedDataInsightAnalysisViewReviewPrivilegeMgmt LogsAnalyzeReportActAZ


Two Solutions to Fit Your Needs

SAFE Analytics provides two options for your unique business needs. Use them independently or in tandem for additional risk insights. Both SAFE Analytics modules combine with HID SAFE Enterprise physical identity and access management solution for powerful workplace access data analysis.