Advanced Multi-factor Authentication for Banking

From intelligent risk detection to adaptive multi-factor authentication, HID Global’s advanced solution offers financial organizations complete protection for secure omni-channel banking while improving user experience.

Drivers in an Open Banking Environment

Securing data in the financial industry across multi-channel environments is complex. Digital banking is on the rise, and tech-savvy customers expect complete protection of their financial account records with zero friction. Employees are increasingly mobile and demand workplace flexibility. Diverse, often decades old, siloed systems result in inefficient IT processes and are costly to maintain. With these challenges comes the need to secure access against an expanding attack vector. In addition, regulations and mandates require cybersecurity to be at peak performance.

HID Global helps financial institutions stay ahead of sophisticated attacks, mitigate institutional risk and enable secure online transactions with a layered security approach to:

  • Establish a secure user identity as a foundation to protect digital channels and improve customer’s trust
  • Strengthen protection of sensitive, financial and transactional data, whether on-premises, in the cloud or hybrid
  • Secure all applications, devices and endpoints across employees and customers
  • Build a frictionless user experience with convenient access to data anywhere and anytime
  • Flexibly deploy the right mix of authenticators, including push token OTP, biometrics and risk- and contextual-based factors
  • Detect threats and fraud in real-time with the power of machine learning
  • Address compliance requirements for PSD2, FFIEC and more
  • Implement customized solutions to fit unique banking needs with HID Global Professional Services

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HID Global Integrates with Temenos Infinity to Create FinTech Solution

Temenos Infinity platform users can now benefit from the HID multi-factor authentication features to seamlessly secure their customer banking experience

  • Enhanced usability while increasing security
  • Increased customer acquisition and retention rates

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Enhance Authentication with Real-Time Risk Profiling

When HID Authentication Service is coupled with HID Risk Management, the additional layers of protection allow banks to define the most suitable authentication approach based on transaction risk level and user environment. Authentication can be step-up, continuous, risk-based or seamless, depending on the circumstances and the bank’s degree of risk tolerance.

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Choose From A Broad Set of Secure Authenticators

Balance user convenience with diverse security needs. HID offers one of the broadest sets of authenticators available in the industry, so you can build a seamless user experience with robust security — especially for mobile use cases.

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Maintain Global Banking Compliance Standards

Our solutions help financial organizations around the world comply with the most stringent regulations and standards around banking, including:

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Extend Security Controls With Integrations

Integrations make it easy to protect and provide seamless access to services such as:

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