HID Global delivers first in class software products that integrate seamlessly with trusted identity solutions for physical and logical access, citizen identification, financial instant issuance, and chip technology.

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Identity Management

Organizations depend on trusted HID technology for the creation and lifecycle management of secure identities. HID's biometric enrollment and secure, risk-based authentication software is used for a wide range of critical identity use cases.

  • ActivID® MFA

    Secure, modern identity authentication and lifecycle management software

  • HID® DigitalPersona®

    Flexible, advanced MFA to secure every user, application and endpoint

  • HID® Integrale™

    Modular solution for the issuance and management of secure electronic documents

  • Biometric Management

    Advanced authentication to protect cloud, mobile, web, and on-premise applications

  • Middleware and SDKs

    A proven, trusted and secure method to simplify and expedite your application development

Physical Access Control

Whether a small workplace, multi-site enterprise, PIV-based physical access, HID's innovative technology assures trusted access for the right people at the right time.

  • EasyLobby® Visitor Management

    A suite of software products for managing visitors professionally and securely

  • HID® SAFE™

    Streamline physical identity management across an entire organization

  • HID® Mobile Access

    Use a smartphone, tablet or wearable to gain access to secured doors, gates, networks and services

  • pivCLASS®

    Government software solution built for PIV-enabling physical access control systems

Card and Credential Issuance

HID products cover in-branch, secure financial instant issuance and complete ID card printing whether the need is simple or complex.

Chip Operating Systems

HID highly secure and fast chip OS technology powers multifunctional smart cards and government e-document programs. KIAT and SOMA are based on international standards and compatible with contact, contactless and dual-interface microcontrollers.