HID SAFE™ for Healthcare

HID SAFE for Healthcare is an intelligent visitor management solution designed to meet the unique needs of hospitals and other healthcare facilities.

Secure Visitor Management for Healthcare Facilities

In a modern healthcare facility, managing visitors from the time they enter the premises until the time they check-out is a big challenge. Not only do healthcare institutions present unique physical environments to manage — from open settings to highly restricted areas — they also attract diverse sets of visitors with varying needs and purposes. Family members of patients may be granted unescorted access, whereas escorts are required for external delivery personnel or medical representatives meeting with physicians. These challenges are only heightened by the fact that a healthcare institution may be scattered over multiple locations, making it difficult maintain central visibility and control of all visitor activities as mandated.

HID SAFE for Healthcare is a solution that empowers the patient and the facility. The solution enables patients to register their approved and restricted visitors, screens the visitors against watch lists with proper background vetting, allows visitors to check-in based on the visitation policy of the patient and securely provisions identities into diverse Physical Access Control Systems (PACS). HID SAFE for Healthcare also integrates with Health Information (HIM) systems, like Epic, to extract real-time patient location information using HL-7 based ADT messages to direct visitors to the right location upon check-in.

HID SAFE for Healthcare Features

  • Enables patients or guardians to set their own visitation policies and add lists of preapproved and disallowed visitors using a web-based self-service login
  • Integrates with Health Information Management (HIM) systems, like Epic, to extract real-time patient location information using HL-7 based ADT messages to direct visitors to the right location upon check-in
  • Automatically provisions access to the visitors based on the relationship of the visitor with the patient
  • Integrates with physical access control systems, emergency notification systems, training systems, biometric systems, and internal and external watch lists
  • Provides real-time visitor location reports
  • Associates visitors with specific locations and restricts visitation to the appropriate and approved areas
  • Notifies security when a preregistration of anyone on a watch list is entered
Hospital visitor

Significant Patient and Facility Benefits

  • Processes patient visitors quickly and accurately using simple workflows
  • Improves front desk efficiency by offloading visitor pre-registration to patients and their immediate relatives
  • Provides enhanced security by automated verification, screening and badging of visitors
  • Enforces compliance by adhering to HL7 standards of data exchange with compatible HIM systems
  • Drives DEA, FDA and HIPAA compliance through consistent policies and regular reporting
  • Offers scalability to serve hundreds of lobbies within the same location or spread across multiple locations
  • Provides a professional way to manage visitors, thereby improving the hospital’s reputation
  • Impacts patient satisfaction by empowering patients and families to efficiently manage their own visitation policies
Doctor, patient and family in hospital room

Unified Facility Management Elements

When configured with HID SAFE Enterprise, HID SAFE for Healthcare:
  • Allows hospitals to manage all types of physical identities and their details such as physical access, cards and assets across disparate security systems.
  • Enforces policy-based enrollment and management of various types of physical identities such as hospital employees, contractors, vendors and their access.
Hospital employees