Quick Poll: Where do you use your HID ID badge?


Each day I arrive at work, reach for my employee badge, and like a magic wand, a simple wave triggers a beep, then a flash of light and voila! I wondered how many of you experience this familiar routine with an HID Global ID card?

You may not even realize you’ve got one: Check the back of your ID badge now for the blue HID brick and respond to our quick poll below.

Where do you use your HID card? (check all that apply)(opinion)

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Did you know?

Members of this “club” are far and wide with folks reaching for their HID Global badge countless times each day across the globe. When I consider these numbers, it brings new meaning to the question, “What’s in your wallet?” But because I happen to work at the “magic wand” factory, I know that HID badges are used for much more than entering buildings. In fact, chances are someone somewhere is using their HID smart card at this moment to:

• pay for your favorite gourmet coffee
• board a morning train
• enter a parking structure
• pick up a new pen at the campus bookstore
• stop by the vending machine for a snack
• “clock in”
• operate a forklift
• attend a meeting
• securely log into their company network

…and those are just a few workday activities. Leisure time may bring out an HID keyfob or badge to:

• get in a good workout at the gym
• join a swim class at community pool or recreational facility
• take the boat out on the lake

…and more. Perhaps your HID Global ID badge gets you to a favorite activity not listed here. We’ve love to discover the unique ways you use your HID smart card. Send us your story, and we’ll share it here!