Keeping one step ahead of ID Card Fraudsters


Type the words “fake ID” into your favourite search engine and you bring up over 17 million sites. Scary! Even scarier, just a click of the mouse lets you download detailed instructions on how to fake almost any type of ID card and where to buy all the paraphernalia you need to do it.

And if you can access this information, so can fraudsters, terrorists and disgruntled ex-employees. From there, just a couple more clicks and as little as £200/$250(U.S.) lets them reproduce a high-quality, fake PVC ID card for your company.

With full-colour plastic card printers freely available since the early 1990s, criminals have had more than enough time to perfect their repertoire of counterfeiting skills. The growing threat of ID card fraud means it has never been more important to take a serious look at your card issuance process. Choosing the right card, printer and issuance process is crucial, but you should also consider incorporating additional anti-counterfeit features into your company’s ID cards.

HID Global recommends that customers choose added security features for cards. Some of visual security features that can be added may be unique to both HID and the customer including custom-designed holographic materials, ultra violet inks, true metallic inks and micro text that can be embedded into cards during the manufacturing process. This means anti-counterfeit features cannot be replicated by a fraudster who has access to printer.

It’s easy to be complacent about the threat that counterfeit ID cards can pose to your organisation, but it’s a big business that is getting bigger and more sophisticated by the day. My advice having been in the industry for many years and witnessed a lot of ID card fraud is: keep your company one step ahead of ID fraudsters and protect yourself today for the future.