Keeping the faith in a fickle world


As the world economy continues to struggle with one of its biggest upheavals in living memory, the banking and financial landscape has been forever changed.

The worldwide recession has dug in its heels, producing business scandals that have shaken our faith in some of the institutions we had previously trusted.

Proving to be a challenge for individuals and businesses alike, the recession is also a great opportunity for each of us to take stock of our values in life and in business. It’s easy to lose sight of your personal values when times are hard and it’s equally easy for businesses to let their brand values slip during a downturn in the market. However, some of the best businesses have been born out of difficult economic climates, as have some of the strongest business values.

Looking back on my first year within the Global Account Team at HID Global, I can honestly say that I count myself very lucky to find my own personal values - integrity, honesty and trust - reflected in our business practices and within my colleagues here at HID Global.

Even though we are in the midst of an unprecedented economic crisis, those values shouldn’t change because the market takes a turn for the worse. It’s easy to make glib statements about “putting the customer first,” but it’s not so easy to deliver this in practice. At HID Global, we remain firmly committed to our “customer first” business philosophy. Our customers are critical to the company's success - just ask anyone at HID Global and you'll find that "customer first" is the mantra we live by to ensure we are always focused on our most critical stakeholders - You!

The Global Account Program at HID Global has been put in place to support customers with a global footprint that may require a more tailored, global approach to account management.

If you are interested in finding our more about this program, please email me at [email protected].