Posted: 11/06/13

Change in the access control industry, together with innovation, is occurring at a rapid pace.   The virtualization of contactless smart cards, and their residency on smartphones, allows a whole host of new innovative thinking, along with the ability to combine many access control applications into a single, very convenient solution.

Recent new developments include using hand gestures...

Posted: 09/10/13

It is often said that innovation comes from the confluence of several existing technologies. Today, we have such an event occurring now in smartphones, with the de facto inclusion of accelerometers, the addition of personal wireless technology (NFC and Bluetooth), and a powerful computing platform that is (almost) always connected.  Voila!

This is a perfect recipe for...

Posted: 11/06/12

As the internet of things becomes more of a reality, HID Global was very excited to announce its new Trusted Tag™ services platform last month.

This new tag product and trust services platform will enable Near Field...