January 2010


A growing number of UK hospitals are now using smart card technology to control physical access to their buildings and logical access to the IT systems that house confidential patient data.

Contactless smart cards are helping to boost physical security in hospitals by enabling differing levels of building access to certain staff, while medical professionals can also use their smart card to access sensitive patient data on a network. This can also save on time wasted in remembering and entering usernames and passwords, freeing up more time for patient care. And healthcare professionals can demonstrate that they are storing and managing patient details in a safe and secure way to comply with the Data Protection Act.

Infection control is another new application for contactless smart cards. A doctor on her morning ward round could see 20 patients on five different wards, accessing different computer systems as she goes. It’s easy to see how infection can be spread, but if your pass card never touches the reader, it can’t spread germs.

So why aren’t all hospitals using this technology? The cost of upgrading to contactless smart cards can be a barrier to deployment for some hospitals, where getting another 30 patient beds can feature higher in management’s priorities than upgrading physical and logical access systems. On the other hand, is it really possible to put a price on security in a maternity ward or effective infection control?

Related Article: Gaining Admittance to the Hospitals Market - Within the course of any given day, a hospital or health-care CSO faces the task of not only protecting multiple points of access, but doing so in a way that enables movement and activity, is convenient for staff and patients, and does not impede the facility's primary function: saving lives.

When you weigh up the costs of contactless smart card technology against the long-term benefits, it can offer outstanding value to the healthcare sector, saving time and money, protecting patients and staff and safeguarding their personal data. Portable and secure, contactless smart cards are fast becoming a valuable tool for safeguarding physical security and guaranteeing the privacy of sensitive electronic information.

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Each day I arrive at work, reach for my employee badge, and like a magic wand, a simple wave triggers a beep, then a flash of light and voila! I wondered how many of you experience this familiar routine with an HID Global ID card?

You may not even realize you’ve got one: Check the back of your ID badge now for the blue HID brick and respond to our quick poll below.

Where do you use your HID card? (check all that apply)(opinion)

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Did you know?

Members of this “club” are far and wide with folks reaching for their HID Global badge countless times each day across the globe. When I consider these numbers, it brings new meaning to the question, “What’s in your wallet?” But because I happen to work at the “magic wand” factory, I know that HID badges are used for much more than entering buildings. In fact, chances are someone somewhere is using their HID smart card at this moment to:

• pay for your favorite gourmet coffee
• board a morning train
• enter a parking structure
• pick up a new pen at the campus bookstore
• stop by the vending machine for a snack
• “clock in”
• operate a forklift
• attend a meeting
• securely log into their company network

…and those are just a few workday activities. Leisure time may bring out an HID keyfob or badge to:

• get in a good workout at the gym
• join a swim class at community pool or recreational facility
• take the boat out on the lake

…and more. Perhaps your HID Global ID badge gets you to a favorite activity not listed here. We’ve love to discover the unique ways you use your HID smart card. Send us your story, and we’ll share it here!


This past July, I wrote about how DEFRA (the Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) published a notice of a regulatory change that will affect sheep herdsmen in the U.K. starting January 1, 2010.

Effectively, the legislation requires information about the animals to be tracked to ensure a healthy, traceable food chain. Here is an update on our progress in supporting the regulatory changes:

Both in anticipation of the legislation and to meet our ongoing objective of putting the customers first, HID Global has focused on expanding manufacturing capacity and improving operational efficiency. While HID has always focused on ensuring that we deliver the best quality and service to our customers - in the face of change - we do not sacrifice out-of-the-box performance, delivery lead times or customer service. In fact, operationally, we have implemented new systems to ensure stable stock of raw materials and finished product availability to meet our customer’s growing needs. These improvements make it easier for customers to do business with us, as well as save them both time and resources.

These organizational improvements are not limited to livestock. In the near future, you’ll hear about a program we’re launching in the New Year to help our customers in the pet ID market. As I remarked this past summer, by working closely with our integrator partners and equipment suppliers in the market in anticipation of changes that we all succeed in the end. And knowing that their success is dependent upon HID quality, reliability and delivery - it’s a pleasure to work to meet and exceed these goals.

As we continue to stay abreast of legislation in the animal ID market, please feel free to contact me at [email protected] with any and all ideas of how we can continue to improve.


As we begin a new decade, let me first wish our customers and partners a happy and healthy new year.

As we begin a new decade, let me first wish our customers and partners a happy and healthy new year. 2009 marked an important milestone for the company with the launch of several innovative products and the introduction of Genuine HID™ with its numerous customer-centered solutions and initiatives. In 2010 we are continuing to build upon those initiatives, increasing customer value through innovation and enhanced customer service. I’d like to take this opportunity to share some of the exciting developments our customers will see unfolding throughout this year.

In 2010, HID Global will drive innovation through enhancing interoperability and seamless convergence across the entire HID Global solutions portfolio. Customers can expect to see new product design platforms for our physical access and logical security solutions, our Fargo brand secure issuance products, and reader solutions for cashless payments, eGovernment and other Identification Solutions business segments. This initiative will enable customers to easily integrate the vast array of HID Global secure identity solutions as requirements evolve over time.

HID Global is also dedicated to bringing to market new Genuine HID products that further extend the use of smart cards for both physical and data security; introducing additional virtual card and reader solutions; as well as providing innovative products for all our business segments, while leveraging the recently launched Advantage HID Channel Partner™ Program to ensure customers purchase Genuine HID products from trusted HID Global partners.

Of equal importance to product and technology innovations is a significant 2010 Customer First initiative centered on driving heightened levels of customer responsiveness through refinements to HID Global’s delivery model and business process enhancements across all segments of our business. This is in addition to several programs that are part of HID’s ongoing commitment to helping customers fully optimize their existing and future Genuine HID investments.

2010 will be a very exciting time for HID Global and we look forward providing innovative solutions that drive success for our customers and partners in the year ahead. Thank you again for your continued business and I wish you a prosperous new year.

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